Teal Gray, Sacred Site Traveler, Writer, and Artist

After nearly six decades on this planet, I’ve realized all the seeking of knowledge, relationships, success, all boil down to this, Happiness = Simple moments that make your soul smile. It’s the moments, not the money that matters most.”

Teal Gray Rev., N.D.


What I Do

Teal is a best selling Texas Author in several genres. With new titles coming out soon. You can stay current by following her Amazon Author page https://smile.amazon.com/Teal-L.-Gray/e/B01M58M5BT?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000

Join sacred site traveler Reverend Teal Gray, for a journey through a world of grief as she brings to light the differences and similarities between beliefs and burial practices used worldwide for major world religions from some of the earliest to modern-day. She uses the gift of intuition and her psychic abilities to guide her as she navigates the world around her and the spirits of the beyond that often visit her from her collection of over 100 pieces of Memento Mori jewelry, art, and grave rubbings.https://smile.amazon.com/Forget-Me-Not-Memento-World-ebook/dp/B089G7PLVY/ref=sr_1_15?crid=3MIA0NU9M62F4&dchild=1&keywords=forget+me+not&qid=1592390897&s=digital-text&sprefix=forget%2Cdigital-text%2C173&sr=1-15

I travel to sacred sites all over the world with the perspective of an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. I love to connect the ancient and the new beliefs together. Building bridges spiritually between people of all faiths, and none at all is my goal.

Meet us better

Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. Graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Naturology, N.D. and Theological Studies leading to Ordainment as a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister 2011. Additionally Ordained with The Order of Universal Interfaith 2011.

• Certified Holistic Health Practitioner- Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Certified Essential Oil Coach

Pursuing Certification in Counseling and Eco-Art Therapy

I have a lecture series and traveling Memento Mori collection of over 100 pieces of jewelry pieces, tombstone rubbings, presidential pieces, and the sub genra of Dance of Death art pieces

Why You’ll Love Us

  • You will be entertained with my travels, hobbies, and the interesting people I will interview and write about along the way.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Writer”

This is the most life changing book I have read in a long time. I never thought about the different types of Angels before. This is a great reference book for anyone wanting to learn more about this subject. I enjoyed all the different stories, they were informative and some even scary.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the Book!”

The author, Teal Gray, not only has experience with angels and discusses these occurrences, but also includes poetry and great history. A psychically connected Christian, she discusses the history of angels and their roles in varying religions. This book includes how to realistically connect with them as authentic beings and how important their roles are in our lives.
While being skeptic in many cases, the author details how certain angelic events have shaped her life and made her understand the importance of being open to what the angels are trying to convey to us.
A wonderful read, full of fascinating details and stories as well as lovely pictures and photographs, I recommend; Shades of Angels, for dreamers, readers, the spiritually awaken and the genuinely curious.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Beautiful Read

Teal not only takes us through her own personal journey and experiences but she express others as well. Her knowledge about Angels, Spirits, and otherwise are far and wide. This book is a wonderful read if you have any curiosity about life, death, and transition is concerned. She also has many beautiful poems that she wrote herself. I recommend this book to anyone who is getting into the study of other realms. Excellent!


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