Teal Answers Your Angel Questions

What you wanted to know!

Teal, When did you become aware of Angels?
When I was young I don’t remember making any distinction between angels and other spirits. I was always amazed by stories about Angels people told me. Christmas angels and cherubs in my mind, were gentle helpers to humans. Only in adulthood after encountering light and dark angels and spirits, did I begin to understand the complex and gentle balance we walk between the two worlds, as well as the shades of personalities and intentions of these powerful created beings.

Have you had interactions with Angels?
I have had three interactions with what were different types of, what I believe were angels. Two were very different death angels. One a natural death and the other a murder.
My third, was Archangel Metatron.

What were your experiences like?
I was seeking, and asking for guidance in my spiritual journey, wanting to discover new, fresh ways to use art and nature as a therapy, to teach a deeper level of spirituality and connection to my clients.
A flurry of energy ran through my body, and the words, ardent, peace, burning flame, and devoted, repeated very quickly through my mind. Then, a vision of an Angel with wings spinning fast like the hands on a clock., with rays of brilliant light behind the angel, that went on as far as I could see, making the illuminated background seem to spin. There were beautiful deep pinks turning into purples, with blue green spirals of light coming from this angel. In my mind I heard, “I am Metatron.’

The first Death Angel– My daughters couldn’t sleep so I made a pallet on the floor between their two beds and we all drifted quickly off to sleep.
My daughters were sleeping soundly when I awoke in terror to see a man sitting on the dresser across the room. Quickly trying to get up and yell for help to my parents sleeping just across the hall, I, to my horror, could not scream, speak or move at all!
I had never having experienced this before and was struggling. Was he going to kill us, rob us? Why was he just sitting there staring at me?
The man leaned forward out of the shadow and I could see there was a light beginning to glow all around him. What on earth was going on?
As the light grew, I could see he was dressed in beautiful deep purples and blues. His clothes were from another time. He was in robes or something. He had beautiful curls of hair to his shoulders and very light eyes that seemed to look right through me. I was no longer afraid, but I still could not speak or move. This was going on for such a long time. I could see by the clock twelve minutes had passed.
The man just kept staring, as if he was trying to make me understand something I was obviously not receiving. As quickly as he was there, he was gone.
What on earth was this?
I would find out less than an hour later. The phone rang, it was the hospital. My father had a massive heart attack just steps from his office and was dead. I now believe was an Angel of Death was trying to give me a warning of what was taking place.

The second Death Angel– Arrived on a sunny day, and I was washing up the last of the lunch dishes. My daughter Melanie, had told me she might be late getting home, and if the client coming over to have his photos taken got there before her, not to worry about it, he was going to go look around our property to see where he wanted to take the pictures.
So I wasn’t alarmed at first, when I saw a tall figure walking past the kitchen window. I quickly dried my hands, thinking it was the client. I was just going to be polite and say hello. I was about to move from the window above the sink to the sliding glass doors beside me when I paused, taking in how tall, slender and pale he was. He had very long black hair the shone like diamonds in the bright sun. His clothes were out of a rich black fabric I couldn’t place. I did historical costuming, so noticing fabric was normal for me. I couldn’t help it. Wow! I thought. He must have spent a fortune on his look for this photo session.
Things changed quickly. He walked with so little effort he seemed to glide, lightly swinging his arms. As he got his body even with mine, he tilted his head in my direction but kept looking forward, never looking directly at me.
As he too his third step he became less solid, I realized I could see my birdfeeders they were hanging on the back house right through him! One final stride and he vanished before my eyes. I really should know better, but I still rushed out the sliding glass door to call to him. But there was no one anywhere in sight. He was nowhere on the land and my eyes never left him. He just vanished.
My daughter called me just moments later to say the client had rescheduled for another day, and not to bother looking for anyone, there was no one coming over today.
But someone had just visited. A dark someone. Being part Irish and in my DNA is a fear of Banshees, who if they look right at you is an omen of death. Thankfully he had not, but he had turned my direction. I was so worried something was going to happen to my family.
My brother, Bruce, called two days later. He wasn’t feeling well. He had been trying to reach my nieces to talk to them but could never get anyone on the phone. He asked if I would call them and would I always keep a watch over them for him. I told him of course I would. And I had planned on calling them to say hello the next day anyway.
The next day I got a call. My brother Bruce was dead. That was the warning of what I believe was a dark angel of death because it was not a natural death, but a murder. So while yes, he shone in the light, he came from a dark place.

Teal, Why did you write Shades of Angels?
I felt it was necessary to bring the dark angels to people’s attention. I had especially over the last two years, had many people telling me they communicated with angels, and it was wonderful because they were all good and helped them order their lives. This alarmed me because after speaking with them I realized they believed only good, well intentioned angels interact with us.

Do you feel like your education in Theology assisted you with writing Shades of Angels?
Yes definitely, spending years researching all the different belief systems, I have a world view which I hope proves helpful to the reader.

What are your thoughts on reincarnation?
You know the Latin meaning of the word “reincarnation”, means, “entering the flesh again”. I have an example using ice as a representation of the physical body.
Water can be changed, but it’s never really gone.
Think of your physical body as the ice, which is solid and considered physically here. The physical components that are part of your body, are fluid in the sense of being a living, ever changing system, like the liquid that could be seen and touched.
The ice (your body), and the liquid (everything that makes up your internal and external physical self).
Now, all that reality of form merely changes once more. Not making it any less real when it becomes steam, or your life force, (soul) which leaves your body when you die. The difference now, is that it disappeared, and we can’t see it. However, vapor or steam is very real. At the right temperature it can power a train.
Reverse the steps to give you back something you can hold in your hands and call real.
How? Well, if you decided to capture the steam, take the container you captured it in, the steam will turn once again into water. Take the container of water, put it in the freezer, and you are right back where we started with solid, “real” ice. I think it’s also a way to think of the possibility of reincarnation.
Through the steps to becoming ice once again. It was reincarnated from steam, to a solid state once more.

Can you give us examples of Malevolent & Benevolent Angels?
Do they feel different?
They do feel different and communicate different thoughts. Some positive some not.
I have had a few encounters. One showed me they are waiting for us to drop our guard. It was a very cold deep winter day, I was in the back part of my front house that looks out over the acreage, and the fruit trees planted there. I had not been thinking about, or watching anything scary, dark, or paranormal. I was looking at the snow drifting peacefully over the land and as beautiful as it was, I hoped my fruit trees would survive the extended freeze we were in. All the sudden, I felt a heaviness to the room and a silence fell over everything. I could no longer hear the usual house noises of clocks ticking, street traffic passing by, nothing. Then, in my mind, a deep seductive male voice said, “You only believe in what you can prove these days.” The voice sent a chill through me when it ended in a sort of raspy hiss. I knew it was a dark energy. From that realization, before I could pray to God to protect me, I seemed to go into a sort of trance, frozen like my trees. The voice seemed amused. It said, “Humans are so easy to manipulate, you think you rule this world, but you don’t. And you can’t control what’s happening to you now. Don’t worry,” he exhaled deeply, “I just want to visit, to correct your thinking.” Whatever this entity was, unfortunately it was in control, and all I could do was listen. This was not something that happens to me. I stay very guarded most of the time. He went on to say, “You don’t believe people when they tell you a demon came a calling!” he laughed. “Well I am one. I want you to remember this visit, so I’m going to let you.” He continued in a deep throaty voice that was terrifying yet, inviting all at the same time. “Look outside again, what do you see, tell me?” I felt like I had snapped out of the trance, and looking outside, I thought what just happened must have been an awful daydream or something. I didn’t even care, my thoughts were only on the beautiful sunny day outside and where I could get enough containers to haul all the ripe pears in. I felt such an urgency to get the crops in before they rotted. The trees were so heavy with fruit, that the ground was blanketed with them! It was the best crop I had ever had, and I was so excited, imagining all the preserves and desserts I would make. Then right before I turned to go search for baskets or containers, I felt a light touch run down my face and neck. Then a voice said, “Look again. Do you see how we can make you see things that aren’t there, to feel things, and manipulate you with such ease?” Looking back toward the window, I was more chilled that the temperature outside. My mind was racing trying to make sense of what just happened. The trees were like I originally saw them. Everything was frozen and lifeless. The only thing blanketing the ground was snow!

Do you have advice about how to protect themselves from dark energies?
It is important people understand when they open themselves up to the spirit world, they do not know with certainty who they are dealing with, angel, demon, deceased human or a long list of other entities. It is crucial to protect yourself.
To surround yourself with white light and ask to only hear from messengers of God. While this is still not a guarantee, it is helpful. Angels are communicators and messengers. They work with your higher consciousness, or higher self, to relay those messages. It is your connection to the heavens and God, or a higher source or power depending on your belief system. Your Higher Self acts as a filter, so when you decide to open yourself to new teachings, or messages of inspiration, you can command your higher part of yourself to allow only that which is in your highest, greatest good to come to you, align with your soul’s purpose, and assist you in every area of your life.
One of the most powerful and called upon Archangels is Saint Michael. This prayer is often used by people before and after they go on paranormal investigations, but of course can be used for your request of protection at any time or situation.
Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in battle,
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil,
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
And do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
By the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits
Who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.

Shades of Angels written by Teal L. Gray Rev., N.D. – Available on Amazon Author page: http://bit.ly/teallgray



Author: Teal Gray Rev., N.D.

Writer, Sacred, Mysterious Site Traveler. Teal Gray travels the world in search of interesting places, people and experiences.

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