Building Your Multimedia Ministry

 You felt moved to minister, now newly ordained nothing can bring you down. Announcing your achievement, you brace for the flood of offers to officiate area weddings, blessing services and funerals. Instead you spend a lot of time answering the question, “Where’s Your Church?”
Ministers without a brick and mortar building are often at a loss for how to begin. If you want to reach a global audience, the task seems even more out of reach without that building.
Unfortunately, there are not enough pastorless churches to accommodate the newly ordained. What option does this leave you? I used inexpensive creative solutions to solve my problem and get my message to the world. I created a multimedia ministry. Could this be your way to connect with your target audience too?
Now you have questions! Where do I start? Is it expensive? What skills do I need? Certainly, you need to develop your public speaking, and writing skills for sermons and scripts. Join a local club like the Rotary, or take continuing education courses at the area community college. Libraries are a great resource for free lectures and books to assist you. With faith and determination, you too can build a global audience that follows your blogs, podcasts and is an interested audience for your books and lectures.
My best tip is to blend trending topics, related historical facts or spiritual practices into your message, and then use social networks to promote your podcasts and build your audience. Also, the easiest guests to book for an interview are authors looking to promote their newest works.
If this seems too daunting, try joining an established ministry, group or charity that fits your message that has the leadership already in place. Early on I was an assistant youth minister with an established church in my area. I helped them grow their youth ministry and I was given the freedom to create a Youth Drama Group. It was a gift to me to see shy teenagers blossom into competitive performers winning competitions and perform plays and pageants that moved congregations to tears, and to place new importance on their spiritual life.
Blessings on your journey,
Rev. Teal L. Gray N.D.

Author: Teal Gray Rev., N.D.

Writer, Sacred, Mysterious Site Traveler. Teal Gray travels the world in search of interesting places, people and experiences.

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