What’s What, and Then Some

Teal Gray Rev. N.D. is a best-selling Texas author, mysterious sacred site traveler.

  • She is pursuing a Degree in Counseling and Healing, with Eco-Art Therapy Certification. She is a Graduate of the American Institute of Holistic Theology
  • Doctor of Naturology, N.D. 1996.
  • American Institute of Holistic Theology Ordained Interfaith Minister 2011
  • Certificate of Ordination OUnI The Order of Universal Interfaith 2011
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 2017
  • The Essential Oil Institute Certified Practitioner/Coach 2017
  • Presenter of Two Workshops at World Awake Interfaith Conference 2017
  • Ongoing, Requested Speaker/Presenter for numerous Conferences and Events

What People Say

5 Stars – Haunted Hill House

The Ghosts Come Back To Life In This House – Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2021This is one of the author’s best books even though they are all good. I am very familiar with this house. The author is dead on with information about the house and its history. Definitely worth a read.

5 Stars – Haunted Hill House- Most Alive and Active Home In The U.S. For Paranormal

An awesome, place to see! I’ve stayed at this house from 8pm to 9am. If you are a skeptic, and not sure what you believe. This book and experience at the house will humble the bravest. This house is very much alive, and the most active I think I’ll ever experience. The chilling true accounts that happened at this place from the native Americans, the evil owner Willie, the Satanist that lived summoned things that shouldn’t be there, the 3 portals, and much more unnecessary death that has happened there. Buy the book, and plan a trip to visit the house. You won’t regret it, or will you??

5 Stars – Spirited Tales – Keep The Lights On and Enjoy The Stories

This is the edge-of-your-seat stuff…intriguing, interesting, fascinating, and the kind of accounts that makes the reader wonder about what’s out there and hopefully staying out there! Highly recommend it, a great read as long as you keep the lights on!

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