Testimonials for Teal’s Psychic Abilities


I had the pleasure of meeting Teal at a paranormal conference in Gainesville,TX. When she walked in the room I didn’t know who she was, but then she started talking to me and reading me. She told me that I was a healer (I work in the medical field in physical therapy) and that I was very grounded in nature (I am). She told me more about myself and my past that was just unbelievable to me. She even went some into my ancestry and was 100% correct with her reading, I was so floored with what she told me that I got extremely emotional. She validated some things I had been questioning which made a huge difference in my life. I had never believed in psychic mediums before then,  but now I completely believe in Teal! She really helped me let go of some baggage I had been carrying and helped me change my path in life to a more positive direction. I will always be thankful to God for the interaction I had with Teal.

Teal isn’t someone who was selfish with her gifts, rather she is kind and generous.  In my opinion she is ultimately concerned with the general GOOD of the world and of people.  She spent hours of her time with myself and my husband Troy, giving us her interpretations we can use to better ourselves and our career.  Teal also brought forth a message from my recently deceased mother.  A message that meant the world to me.  You know how the gays are about their mothers.

Teal alerted us to a potentially malicious spirit in our storefront in Hollywood, and gave us instructions about how to deal with her.  Now that we know of this spirit’s existence, we’re able to appease her and “maintain” her.  It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s good to know why things get so haywire occasionally.

I haven’t spent much time with Teal in person, but I feel a deep connection.  I think it’s because I’m drawn to a person who is good.

Impressions of Objects held in a Blind Test- Teal Gray
Tate Stone–  I was immediately given the feeling of being jolted from a feeling of safety, love and security, with the image of pretty wallpaper and a female hand gliding over it to turn on a light in a room. I felt bedroom, but could have been a sitting room. It was their inner sanctum so to speak, their haven. Then straight to confusion and sheer panic and fear. Pleading and I physically held my stomach. I kept smelling a strong smell of coffee but never saw cups or a pot, just a strong coffee smell and violent slashing, gunshots and blood. I felt like I was negotiating for a life. It was something I have never felt on that level, “Take me, spare him” impression. All the while images of slashing skin, choking on blood and everything being so loud added to the confusion of the moments. I was given the knowledge that although this Spirit’s live had been stolen, they were at peace. They were not earth bound but had and did visit.
John Denver’s plane– I felt so free holding this piece of medal. I felt alive in a way where all my senses were firing. Sheer joy. I saw lovely blue and light. Then somethings wrong, I’m feeling panic and I’m getting the impression of trying everything to fix whatever has happened. I can’t, so I make peace with it, I know death is coming. I have tears run down my cheeks and all I see is darkness. A hard impact and it just goes black.
Rock’s Bed– I felt the image of a beautiful room, but the piece I was holding had its own identity, it was important and had many stories to tell. I felt it had actual caring for the person that laid upon it, it’s a bed.  There is a flash of many lovers, beautiful hopeful trysts. But I feel empty, I feel I never can find peace. I am taken to the end that is with this piece, so the person it cared for deeply has died with it, on it. The end was a flash of so many beautiful memories mixed with longing. The memories become like real life and I feel like I go in and out of reality to the past. I feel desperate to stay, but then release.
The Hindenburg– This piece immediately overpowered me with souls desperate to tell their stories. So many all at once. So much unfinished business, “we were almost there,’ they say. I am almost unable to speak, I am crying and I can’t stop shaking and they are all trying to speak through me at once. I see excitement and a feeling of importance, privilege, then fear and disbelief, everything’s on fire! It happens in an instant. We are flying then we’re on fire, burning alive while others live. I did not shake the overwhelming experience of holding this piece for several days.

I have been through a lot of bumps in life but last year was one of the most difficult times in my life. Not knowing what to do or who to talk to, God put an Angel in my life. Since then I realized that things happened for a reason. I met Teal Gray at a psychic fair and had my reading and like all the other times with any other reading I didn’t pay attention to what she told me until everything she had told me was been crystalized. At that moment I knew I had to go back and see her again and full of anxiety, fear, tears and confusion, she and her spirits guided me. Again I was not sure whether to believe her or not but as time went by I realized that again everything was coming true. Now I can confirmed that Teal Gray is accurate and will give you the best advice but it’s up to you if you want to take it. She is awesome and will always tell you the truth even if it hurts but sometimes it’s better to be honest than for a person to lie to you. Since then I know I can trust her and recommend her to anyone looking for an honest psychic.

Hello Teal & happy New Year! I am reaching out to you to share how the reading has truly inspired me and helped me continue thriving as a journalist. I’d also love to have a session with you again in the future and I have definitely not forgotten about you! Have a wonderful day.

The evening that I meet Teal was at a paranormal investigation that we were both at. While others were investigating some of us were gathered in the living room of the house. Teal was there and began to give informal readings to all that were there. I cannot begin to express how at awe I was at how gifted she is. She got around to me, I was excited and nervous at the same time. She picked up right away on the fact that I was exploring the religion of practicing Voodoo. She advised me to steer away from that and follow more of a natural Magic practice. She informed me that I was a natural, that I possessed natural / real Magic. I am still trying to figure that one out but have finally picked a path that feels right in that realm. As our reading progressed she let me know that I have lived many past lives and might even have been an Egyptian High Priestess. Then all of the sudden she got very quite and informed me that My Angel had just manifested in front of me, kind of acting like a shield. She began to explain to all in the room about true Guardian Angels and that I was one of the fortunate to have one. She began to describe my angle and said that she now understand why my path might be the way it is. She described angel as half white and half Black. She has One white wing and one Black wing, the arm on the black wing side has black flowing filigree coming down it. She also has a little black on her side, some on her face and hair as well. I cannot tell you how utterly speechless I was at the time. I just wanted to know more about her but did not want to interfere with others that were waiting for their turn bot be read. I have been talking to my angle more since my amazing reading with Teal and look forward to being able to see her for myself one day.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to write about Teal Gray! She is the most noted psychic I know and a very good friend. She is honest and true with regard to everything especially her gifts. She has given me the best readings of my life…which brought about change and the love of my life. I know you will do well in reading her upcoming book “Reading the Unwritten.”

Teal, I am not sure if you remember me. I met you at the Dallas Psychic fair in September. I am the inspiring book writer that gave you goose bumps knowing my calling was to write a book and I have started. I asked about my boys and you gave great insight. But most importantly you talked about my mom you gave me very profound news that normally you do not discuss. But you were straight and told be the number 8 to 10 not knowing if it was days, weeks or months but you told be to get my affairs with her in order. 6 weeks later I booked a trip to Boston then drove into NH to surprise my mother for her 70th Birthday. My sister came from Conn. and three other siblings came. We took her out on her Birthday just the children she brought into this world. It was just the six of us and the evening was amazing for all of us. I just wanted to say Thank you-Because you did this. If it was not for you telling me what I needed to know the trip would of never happened. Thank you again.

I met Teal at a conference a few years ago. I have never met a more genuine person. She is sweet, kind, considerate, and above all honest.
Teal and I hit it off right away. We laughed and joked with one another like we had been friends for years so when I had something happening to me, Teal was the first person I thought to call. My husband and I had just moved to some new property with a new home built and all of our belongings still packed up in the new shop next to our home. My mother had passed away years ago and I had her precious collection of music boxes stored in the shop. They had been wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully packed, by me. These music boxes are not the battery operated kind but, the wind up type. The story that follows is completely true and I have peace about it thanks to Teal.
My husband and I were staying in an RV parked in front of the house being completed. He was out tractor-ing around the property and I went to the shop to get something I needed. When I opened the door I heard music. I stopped and listened and realized one of mom’s music boxes was playing. The box that held these music boxes was way in the back and under a couple more moving boxes so I couldn’t get to the exact box. The music kept playing and I thought, “Hi Mom, I miss you too.” When my husband came in later that day I told him about this and he said “yeah, it’s been playing a couple of days.”
These boxes don’t play that long, you know the type, wind, listen, wind, listen… Anyway we both had a laugh about it and thought mom was just making her presence known. Then the next morning I got up with a song stuck in my head that is a song I relate to my late brother. He passed away a few years ago. I couldn’t get that song out of my head for another whole day and finally I decided mom and Rollie was trying to tell me something.
I called Teal and asked if she could do a tarot reading for me and she said “of course, after work today.” Well we had set it up to meet on Facebook at six that evening and Teal would do the reading over the internet. (Yes, she is that good at it!)
When we got together, Teal told me to think of the question I needed answered, so both my husband, and I sat there thinking about it. The next few things Teal said/asked me blew both of us away. Teal had hit my very question head on without the cards. She answered everything and more in less than an hour. When we were finished I was in tears and my husband was in AWE!
Teal told me things that neither my husband nor I have ever told her or anyone she may know. She hit on things more than thirty years old and gave us both peace of mind before we were finished. I can’t stress enough how much this lady means to me. Not only is she gifted but, she is not in it for money. Teal never charged me one dime.

Thank you for the reading . I appreciate all your help and advise. You gave me that little push to keep on going.

When I sat down with Teal, the first time, I had hopes of my mom coming through to say something, really anything, because I missed her more than I ever thought was possible. She had died four years prior to this and about 6 months after my divorce. Teal starts reading the cards and suddenly tells me that she sees me having lots of fun, dating different men and then she giggles. She went on to tell me that this was all fun and well but that within the next six months I would be faced with a hard decision because my true soul mate, love of my life, would possibly be looked over in my dating. “What? No, wait. That’s not fair!” I said. She went on to say that I would be with one man who seemed like the perfect man for me and I would possibly miss my soul mate. The only way I would not miss him would be to be stay open to dating and not settle on the one I thought was right because he wasn’t. Wow, the pressure, the uncertainty, this was all more than I expected and I was fine being alone but this was intriguing and scary all rolled into one crazy thought. She continued to describe a man that would be just what I had been hoping for and not at all my usual type, once again verifying that I would probably over look him. After that bit of news, she did go on to tell me that my mom is with me all the time and that she was actually disappointed that I wasn’t writing anymore. How in the world did Teal know that I had written for magazines before I moved to Texas and that I had several half done manuscripts laying around? My mom told her and my mom was right that I had not been writing, at all. We spoke of different lovely things about my mom and how much I missed her but I could not get this perfect man getting away from me idea out of my head. Eventually it passed and I figured I had missed him or she was wrong.
Exactly, six months, to the day, yes to the day, I went on a date with a man I had met and he was not my usual type at all. I had been dating someone else that I thought was great and he was exactly the type I usually like but it was just not feeling good. The unexpectedly wonderful date turned out to be a three hour conversation with laughing, swapping stories of our childhood that were so similar and a several hour phone conversation that night. I honestly did not even think of Teal during all of this until a few weeks later when my new found love was the only man I cared to talk to or spend time with and I realized I had my first date with him on the exact day, six months after my meeting with Teal.
He got to meet Teal six months after our first date and she lit up when she saw him. She mentioned that she greatly enjoyed seeing him in real life, with me, after seeing him in the past, before I had met him. She was genuinely happy and so am I. We are still together, 16 months so far, and he is truly the love of my life, my soul mate and my total opposite! My writing is getting started again and I feel that is in part to the new happiness I have found that has allowed me to be me which is exactly what my mom would want.
Teal has continued to check in here and there. She does not just tell you something and move on. She feels it and desires to help you achieve the things she sees for you. Thank you Teal for helping me to keep my eyes open and my heart, especially.

Author: Teal Gray Rev., N.D.

Writer, Sacred, Mysterious Site Traveler. Teal Gray travels the world in search of interesting places, people and experiences.