More Questions for Teal


Some common Questions for Teal Gray:

What is Ecopsychology Nature-Connected Education?

It is accredited through Portland State University and encompasses Art, Science, Counseling and Healing with Nature, which works because it’s done with the consent of Nature, helping us create authentic moments that at times go neglected or have never fully been tapped into.

I have countless clients with stories of unfulfilling hamster wheel lives lived in office cubicles with no windows, 30-minute lunch breaks and inability to even go to the bathroom if not within the 2 daily 15 minute breaks.


Why is this type of education important to you?

I myself fell into a time where my career in business consumed most of my time. One particularly burned out evening, coming home late, it hit me as I reached my front gate before entering my front house, a voice asked “How long has it been since you looked up?” Wow! It had been so long that I could not remember..weeks, maybe months!

That was a major wake up call for someone who’s youth was spent outdoors. Everyday.

And my search to began to repair my connection and then assist others.



You are also a paranormal investigator, what did you learn about spirits during your investigations?

Generally they are curious and excited to be heard.

There are different types of hauntings, residual, intelligent..and everyone should know there are different entities that you could be in contact with Giving interspecies communication a whole new meaning.

Departed humans, such as ancestors and loved ones

Spirit guides, Saints, Ascended Masters and Intergalactic Entities.

Light Angels, who were never human but are created beings, operating on a very high vibration that protects and heals.

Dark Angels are powerful created beings that feed on the negative lower vibrations, and do not have your best interest as part of their plan.

Protecting yourself at the beginning and end of your investigations are a good idea.



Author: Teal Gray Rev., N.D.

Writer, Sacred, Mysterious Site Traveler. Teal Gray travels the world in search of interesting places, people and experiences.

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